Spiraea Walberton's Plumtastic Overview

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Spiraea Walberton's® Plumtastic is a high performing and easy to grow hardy shrub which is relatively new to the market. It was developed by world renowned breeder, David Tristram, at his Walberton Nursery in West Sussex. Following on from his highly acclaimed Spiraea Walberton’s Magic Carpet, he was searching for a purple-leaved version that would also be suitable for smaller garden spaces. For all those gardeners who have yet to discover this amazing new shrub, here are its key features.

1. The spring shoots unfurl into plum coloured foliage that continues looking good all through summer. And as autumn approaches, the leaves turn a rich burgundy for one final flourish.

2. Deep cerise flower heads appear in June to complement the fabulous foliage.

3. Walberton’s ® Plumtastic has a superb, neat and upright habit so will fit into any garden, big or small. It is a great container plant too.

Where to grow this Spiraea

Spiraeas are very hardy across the UK and enjoy fertile, well-drained soil. Full sun is best for the richest leaf colour but it will grow quite happily in part shade. Walberton’s® Plumtastic eventually gets to 60cm high and 60cm wide. It benefits from a hard prune every winter to promote vigorous young shoots that have the most intense leaf colour. Plumtastic will benefit from regular watering in summer, especially if grown in a container.

The Walberton’s® portfolio

Every new Walberton’s® introduction is a significant improvement on existing varieties in the market. Bigger flowers, longer blooming, richer leaf colours and improved habit are just some of the features they select for. So look out for the Walberton’s® name at your local garden centre so you can enjoy better displays in your garden.