Spiraea Walberton's Magic Carpet Overview

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Spiraea Walberton's® Magic Carpet is a high performing and easy to grow hardy shrub, which has been lighting up gardens across the UK for over 25 years now. It was developed by world renowned breeder, David Tristram, at his Walberton Nursery in West Sussex. He was searching for a more compact and disease resistant form of the popular Spiraea Goldflame. He made hybrid crosses over several years and evaluated a staggering 60,000 seedlings before finding the perfect one to wow UK gardeners. This variety has now become a great UK export and is widely grown across the Europe and as far away as the USA and Japan. If you don’t yet know about this special Spiraea, then here’s why you really should try it in your garden this year.

1. The spring shoots unfurl into fiery young foliage so that by May, the whole plant is glowing in the garden. The foliage then slowly mellows to butter yellow through summer until autumn leaf fall.

2. Deep cerise flower heads appear in June to provide some magic contrast to the foliage.

3. Walberton’s ® Magic Carpet has a superb, neat and slightly spreading habit so will fit into any garden, big or small. It is a great container plant too.

4. Maintenance is minimal. Pruning is not essential but if it does start to get bigger than desired then a trim back between Jan – March will do no harm.

Where to grow this Spiraea

Spiraeas are very hardy across the UK and enjoy fertile, well-drained soil. Full sun is best for the richest leaf colour but it will grow quite happily in part shade. Walberton’s® Magic Carpet eventually gets to 45cm high and about 70cm wide. It will really benefit from regular watering in summer, especially if grown in a container.

The Walberton’s® portfolio

Every new Walberton’s® introduction is a significant improvement on existing varieties in the market. Bigger flowers, longer blooming, richer leaf colours and improved habit are just some of the features they select for. So look out for the Walberton’s® name at your local garden centre so you can enjoy better displays in your garden.