Scabious Pink Mist - Click Image to download

Scabious Walberton's® Pink Mist is an exceptional hardy perennial and sister to the best seller Scabious Butterfly Blue® Beauty. Since its launch in 1987, it remains a best seller with total UK sales now over 1 million plants. But in spite of the fact that it’s been around for so long, many gardeners still don’t grow it. If you don’t you should – and here’s why:

1. It flowers continuously from April through to November - over 200 blooms in a season and how many plants can do that?

2. The flowers are incredibly insect friendly and let's face it, we all need to do more to help the plight of insects

3. The pretty pincushion flowers last well when cut to put in a vase. They go perfectly with Roses, Pinks, Verbena and Astrantia.

4. Walberton’s ®Pink Mist has a fabulous, neat habit. So it is perfect for smaller spaces and makes a terrific tub plant on a sunny patio because it flowers for such a long time.

Where to grow Scabious

Scabious thrive in sun and a wide variety of well-drained soils and do particularly well in chalky/limy soil, where they originate from in the wild. If your ground is moist or stays wet during our rainy winters these days, then simply plant it in a tub or a raised bed. Because this Scabious flowers for so long, they really benefit from some slow release fertiliser added at planting time then every spring. This will feed the plant throughout summer so you don’t have to liquid-feed.

How it happened

Walberton’s® Pink Mist occurred as a ‘sport’ (mutation) in a crop of Butterfly Blue® Beauty plants at Walberton Nursery, West Sussex. When nurseries grow many thousands of a plant from cuttings, 'sports' often occur naturally. If these get spotted by keen-eyed nursery staff and successfully propagated from, then new plants can be raised with different coloured flowers or maybe variegated leaves. Walbertons® Pink Mist was tested over several years to ensure that it would remain stable in the garden before it was grown in big numbers. It continues to be grown at Walberton Nursery in West Sussex. The Walberton’s® portfolio Every new Walberton’s® introduction is a significant improvement on existing varieties in the market. Bigger flowers, longer blooming, richer leaf colours and improved habit are just some of the features they select for. So look out for the Walberton’s® name at your local garden centre so you can enjoy better displays in your garden.